William Friedrich Leichter

William Friedrich Leichter (1864-1950)

Residences in San Francisco:
(1886-1887): 1722 Clay St
(1889): 108 Mason St
(1890): 1319 Pine St
(1891-1892): 1343 Pine St
(1893-1894): 333 Mississippi St
(1895-1903): 2210 Vallejo St

William Frederick (Wilhelm Friedrich) Leichter was born June 28, 1864 in San Francisco to Johann Adam Leichter and Eliza Harriet Bryant. His brother Charles Leichter was a long time resident and baker in the city and he also lived with his uncle, Carl Paul Lenhard Leichter, in the mid-1880s on Clay Street.


City Directories

1886 - Leichter, William, draftsman Pac. Rolling Mill, r1722 Clay
1887 - Leichter, William, draftsman Pac. Rolling Mill, r1722 Clay
1888 - Leichter, William, draftsman Pac. Rolling Mill
1889 - Leichter, William F., draftsman Pac. Rolling Mill, r108 Mason
1890 - Leichter, William F., draftsman Pac. Rolling Mill, r1319 Pine
1891 - Leichter, William F., draftsman Pac Rolling Mill, r1343 Pine
1892 - Leichter, William F., draughtsman Pac Rolling Mill, r1343 Pine
1893 - Leichter, William F., draughtsman, r 333 Mississippi
1894 - Leichter, Frederick W., mechanical engineer Pac Rolling Mill r333 Mississippi
1895 - Leichter, William, asst superintendent Pac Rolling Mill, r2210 Vallejo
1896 - Leichter, William, draughtsman Pac Roll Mill, r2210 Vallejo
1897 - Leichter, William, merchanical engineer Pac Roll. Mill, r2210 Vallejo
1899 - Leichter, William, clerk C. Schilling & Co., r2210 Vallejo
1900 - Leichter, William, clerk C. Schilling & Co. r2210 Vallejo
1901 - Leichter, William, clerk C. Schilling & Co. r2210 Vallejo
1902 - Leichter, William, clerk Schilling & Co. r2210 Vallejo
1903 - Leichter, William, clk C. Schilling & Co. r2210 Vallejo

Newspaper Articles

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - Sept 18, 1888

Miniature Yacht Regatta

The following entries have been made for the Puritan Miniature Yacht Club Regatta, which will take place at 1 o'clock to-day on Brooklyn Basin, East Oakland:

Schooner Class - Sachem, by Jere H. Smith; Nina, by Thomas F. Boyle; Pilgrim, by C. C. Venn; Enchantress, by Harry Venn; Luida, by Joseph Astredo; Sappho, by A. Johnson; Mollie, by W. Leichter; Arrow, by Thomas Field; Truant, by C. C. Venn.

Sloop Class - Volunteer, by George Crowe; Surprise, by Thomas Field; Nettle, by A. Johnson; Norman, by T. Rasmussen; Spray, by Harry Venn; Telephone, by Joseph Astredo; Osprey, by A. Johnson; Maria, by William Redford; Gladiator, by J. Sullivan; Thistle (cutter), by George Gompertz.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - May 28, 1891

LEICHTER - In this city, May 26, Amalie, beloved wife of William Leichter, a native of Wiesbaden, Germany, aged 20 years, 3 months and 16 days.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - July 26, 1896


The arrivals at the Sea Beach during the past week included Mrs. W. C. Talpy, Miss M. Talpy, Mrs. James Irvine and family, A. Seller, Captain and Mrs. Niebaum, Miss L. Shingleberger, Master G. Shingleberger, Miss P. Bader, H. Thresher, Albert G. Wieland, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Burke, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Lyon, Chris Bernhard, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Landon, Miss Carrie L. Gould, Miss Mary Roya, Miss Ella Atkinson, J. Marcuse, Miss Avelie Mosher, Mrs. William Leichter, Miss Leichter, Miss Schilling, Mrs. Frank H. Burke, Mrs Julia Le Breton, E. J. Le Breton, S. Sweet, A. D. Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ackerman, John Lefkovitz, C. H. Holt, D. J. Buckley, A. Schilling, W. W. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver, A. J. Buckley, H. A. Braudenstein, Ed. F. Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Magner, Miss Mabelle Magner, Charles J. Okell, R. B. Elder, Mrs. Gladding, Miss Gladding, Mme. Julie Rosewald, Mrs. A. Kutner, Miss T. Kutner, Alfred Kutner, J. Worcester, Mrs. Boericke, all of San Francisco. [Several addition names given in article, people from San Jose, Stockton, Oakland, Berkeley, and others]

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Sept 5, 1896


Scientists Show Their Friends
What the X Ray Does

Burns Bright as Noonday Sun and
Comes From Calcium-carbide

Dr. Edward C. Jones, engineer of the San Francisco Gas Company, entertained the members of the Technical Society of the Pacific Coast last night at the gas works, corner of Bay and Buchanan streets. Friends of the members were also present as invited guests. The evening was devoted to a lecture on the Roentgen ray, illustrated by radiograph pictures and by the apparatus in operation. A particular feature was the actual taking and development of a radiograph of a broken arm, young Frank Cunningham, a resident of the neighborhood and a student of the Sherman Grammer School, willingly posing for the necessary twenty minutes.

During the exposure and the subsequent development of the plates in the dark room the guests were shown through the different departments of the extensive works.

Dr. Jones also exhibited the comparatively new acetelene gas, which is made from a grayish-looking substance produced by the fusion of lime and coal. This compound, calcium carbide, is rapidly decomposed by water, and gas is give off. A small gasometer and connecting pipes supplied with burners, permitted of a complete exhibition of the remarkably clear white light surpassing in whiteness but not in disagreeable intensity, the brilliancy of the electric light. After viewing the machinery and the scrupulously clean engine-room, machinery-rooms and pressure-rooms, the guests returned through the garden lighted by Chinese lanterns and saw the developed plate.

The radiograph showed that a small tip had been broken off the boy's "crazy bone." That was the extent of the damage done to his arm the day before while playing at school. The radiograph had been taken through clothing, splints and flesh. Each person present was then given an opportunity to see the boens in his own hand by peering into a black box while holding his hand on the outside of the wood and in front of the globe admitting the Roentgen rays.

Among the hundred or more present were: George W. Dickie of the Union Iron Works, president of the society; Colonel Mendell of the United States Engineers, ex-president of the society; Major Davis of the United State Engineers, Mr. Sherwood, mechanical engineer; Mr. Leighter of the Pacific Rolling mills, A. P. Herrmann of San Jose, Professor George Davidson, Luther Wagner, mechanical engineer; Loven Hunt, instructor in engineering at Berkeley and A. J. Brownley of the Lighthouse Department.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Sept 16, 1900

LEICHTER-In this city, September 14, 1900, to the wife of W. Leichter, a son.