Juliet Johnson Mezes

Juliet Johnson Mezes (1841-1907)

Juliet Johnson Mezes was born in Florence, Italy and died at her home, 2020 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, on January 1, 1907.


City Directories

1897 - (not listed before this date)
1898 - Mezes, Juliet J., widow r2020 Vallejo
1899 - Mezes, Juliet J., widow r2020 Vallejo
1900 - Mezes, Juliet J., widow r2020 Vallejo
1901 - Mezes, Juliet J., widow r2020 Vallejo
1902 - Mezes, Juliet J., widow r2020 Vallejo
1903 - (page missing)
1904 - Mezes, Julia J., widow, r2020 Vallejo
1905 - Mezes, Julia J., widow r2020 Vallejo
1906 - (no directory due to earthquake)
1907 - (not listed, passed away in home in July, 1907)

Newspaper Articles

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - Aug 19, 1887

The Property Bequeathed Unconditionally to the Wife

Sidney L. Johnson, a well-known lawyer of this State, died in Alameda county on the 22nd day of July, 1887, leaving as his sole surviving heirs-at-law his wife, Cornelia Covington Johnson, aged sixty-five years, and his children, Juliet J. Mezes, widow of S. M. Mezes, aged forty-six years; Charles Sidney Johnson, forty-four years of age; Louise J. Campbell, wife of Henry C. Campbell, forty-one years of age; Cornelia J. Pringle, wife of Edward J. Pringle, thirty-eight years of age and Euclid Covington Johnson, thirty-five years of age. The last named is at present residing in the State of Sinaloa, Mexico. All the property is community property, both real and personal. Under the terms of a will prepared by the deceased May 8, 1862, all the property is left to the wife and her heirs, and she is appointed executrix, without bonds or other legal hindrance. The will is witnessed by Edward Janin and Edward Vischer. Three brothers of the deceased are cited as co-executors of the will for any property in the States of Kentucky or Louisiana. Under date of June 20, 1881, a codicil named Edward J. Pringle and Henry C. Campbell executors of the will in addition to the wife. The will has been filed for probate in the Superior Court of Alameda County. In the petition for the probate of the will the value of th estate is not given, but it is generally understood that the deceased left property worth somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Sept 25, 1890

A Blind Well
W. B. Cummings leased a place near Belmont a short time ago of Juliet J. Mezes, that he designed to use as a pasture. One day he turned his horse loose and the animal fell into a blind well, the result of which was the loss of the horse. Yesterday he brought suit against Mrs. Mezes and the others interested in the property to recover $250, the value of his horse.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Aug 7, 1893

Mrs. Juliet E. Mezes and her son, Sidney E. Mezes, returned from Europe last Monday. Mr. Mezes has just been granted the degree of doctor of philosophy by Harvard University.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Oct 2, 1893

Sidney E. Mezes left Saturday for Chicago, to assume his duties at the University of Chicago.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Feb 18, 1901


Covington Johnson, Julie J. Mezes and Cornelia J. Pringle to Calvin E. Knickerbocker, lot on N line of Pacific avenue, 102:6 W of Broderick street, W 35 by N 127:8 1/4; $3,000

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Sept 29, 1901


Julie J. Mezes (widow) to O. G. Sage, lot on N. line of Broadway. 137:6 W of Broderick street, W 97:6 by N 137:6; $10

Louise G. or Louise M. Sage (wife of O. G.) to Juliet J. Mezes (widow), lot on W line of Baker street, 100 N of Grove, N 25 by W 125; $10

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Aug 24, 1902

Sales are reported by Davidson & Leigh as follows:

for Mrs. Huntington, lot 40x137:6 with house of 7 rooms, on the north side of Vallejo street, 137:6 east of Buchanan, for $6750 and resold the same property for the buyer to Juliet J. Mezes for $7250

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - July 31, 1906

Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Juliet Mezes, who is lying seriously ill at her home on Vallejo street, although she is a little better than she was last week. Mrs. Mezes and her daughter, Mrs. Wynne, had intended going abroad in June for the benefit of Mrs. Mezes' health, but were compelled to change their plans, as they lost a great deal of valuable property in the fire, and will not go this year.

Funeral Records

Mrs. Juliet Johnson Mezes

Funeral Directors - N. Gray & Co, Book 1906-1907
Charge to: E. J. Pringle at 2219 Fillmore S.
Death: January 1, 1907 at 2020 Vallejo Street, San Francisco
Place of birth: Florence, Italy; Age 66 years
Cause of death: Mitral incompetence
Shipped to: Jas Crowe, Redwood City, Jan 3/07
Physician: W W Kerr

Cemetery: Redwood City
Bill: Casket, size 6/0 No 318 = $140
Embalming = $15; Hacks = $17; Fare on remains = $1.50
Notices = $3; Hearse, $10; Wagon for Flowers $3 = $13
Active Pall Bearers = $10; Trinity church, $10; Janitor $5 = $15
Total: $219.50

Census Records

2020 Vallejo St, San Francisco - 1900

Mezes, Juliet - born Oct 1848 in Italy, parents born in Louisiana, immigrated 1848, widow, 1 child, still living
Wynne, Carmelita, daughter - born May 1869 in California, fb Puerto Rico, mb Italy, married 13 years, 2 children, both living
Wynne, Sageral?, grand-daughter - born April 1888 in California, father born in England, mother born in California, at school
Wynne, Sidney, grandson - born July 1872 in Switzerland, father born England, mother born California, at school