Johann Adam Leichter (1840-1899)

Johann Adam Leichter (1840-1899)

Residences in San Francisco:
(1860): 86 Montgomery
(1861-1863): 620/622 Vallejo
(1864): 832 Union
(1868): 812 Green

Johann Adam Leichter was born August 9, 1840 in Frankfurt, Germany to Friedrich Wilhelm Leichter and Antoinette Elizabethe Strohecker.


City Directories

1859 - (not listed before 1860)
1860 - Leichter, Adams, clerk with Jacob Gundlach, 86 Montgomery
1861 - Leichter, Adam, clerk with J. Gundlach, dwl 622 Vallejo
1862 - Leichter, Adam (Perry & Co) dwl 620 Vallejo
1863 - Leichter, Adam (Perry & L) dwl 620 Vallejo
1864 - Leichter, A. (Perry & L.), dwl 832 Union
1865 - (not listed)
1867 - (not listed)
1868 - Leichter, Adam, commission mcht, dwl 812 Green
1869 - (not listed after 1868)

Newspaper Articles

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - April 8, 1861

Turn-Verein Election - The San Francisco German Social Turn-Verein has elected officers as follows: 1st Speaker, Edward Newman; 2nd Speaker, Jacob Weisy; 1st Reader, Henry Milatz; 2nd Reader, S. Steinbrink; 1st Treasurer, F. Marks; 2nd Treasurer, A. Leichter; 1st Gymnast, Jacob Weigert; 2nd Gymnast, J. Miller; Ensign, Louis Boehwe; Guard of Arms, Theodore Severin; Librarian, William Boehwe; Leader of Singing, M. Trail.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - Feb 22 and 27, 1863

THE UNDERSIGNED DEALERS IN California Wines, being legitimately established, and paying all the different high Taxes and Licenses attached to our line of business in this city, have been informed that large quantities of Native Wines, from different parts of the State, are constantly sent to San Francisco, and sold by private parties, some of whom go even so far as to peddle such wines out to stores, saloons and private families, without paying anything to either City, State or Federal Government, much to the injury of the undersigned. Now we, therefore, make it known hereby, to all such parties, that after this date, should they continue doing business in the described unlawful manner, we shall give information of it to the proper authorities whose duty it is to see to the collection of such taxes and licenses. We are compelled to do so for self-protection, as parties, having no kind of expenses, can easily undersell us, and yet make a better profit than we who are paying all lawful dues to City, State and General Government. Signed: KOHLER & FROHLING; HOBBS, GILMORE & Co.; PERRY & LEICHTER; BURCKARD & KLEBS.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - May 27, 1889


Brooklyn Hotel
A. Leichter of Elka