Jacob Gundlach


Newspaper Articles

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - April 22, 1888

Johanna's Great Come-Down.

The suit of Johanna Osterman, a domestic who recently commenced a suit for $10,000 damaged for seduction against her employer, a saloon-keeper named Jacob Gundlach, has been compromised by the payment by the defendant of $100, and the suit has been dismissed.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - June 2, 1888

A Suit Compromised

The suit of Johanna Octerman against Jacob Gundlach, claiming $10,000 damages for seduction, has been compromised out of Court. Judge Hunt yesterday made an order directing the payment of $60 by Gundlach to Henry McCrea, the attorney who appeared for the plaintiff.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - January 12, 1889

Two Sudden Deaths

Andrew Langenstadt, a German, formerly employed by Gundlach & Co., was found dead in his room at Hackmeier's Hotel yesterday morning. He recently was $5000 on a lottery ticket, and since then has been drinking heavily. He was about fifty years of age.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - April 11, 1890

Death of Jacob G. Gundlach

Jacob G. Gundlach, nephew of the well-known wine merchant, Jacob Gundlach, died yesterday morning from Bright's disease. He was a native of Bavaria and came to California in 1858. He was, at the time of his death, interested int he Bavaria Brewery. He leaves a widow and four children. He was a member of many different fraternal orders, and was very popular among all his acquaintances. The funeral will take place on Sunday next from Odd Fellows' Hall. Deceased was forty-eight years of age.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - June 7, 1890


An Alleged Embezzler Returns and Is

Put in Prison

Charles Amburger, a collector for A. Repsold, 517 California street, was arrested yesterday on a charge of felony embezzlement. Amburger, it seems, collected about $600 for liquors, but failed to account for it. He lived as a "blood," spending the money in the pool-rooms and questionable pleasures about town. He disappeared last April, when he knew that arrest was inevitable. Soon, however, he returned to California under disguise and minus his mustache and found employment in Gundlach's wine vaults as another man. His old employer saw him on the street and recognized the missing collector through the disguise.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - May 24, 1890

Gundlach Talks Back

Philip Gundlach, the wine merchant charged by Mrs. H. L. Brenfield with threatening to take her life because she would not pay for wine bought at his cellars, was in the Police Court Thursday when the case was called, but the lady complainant did not appear. Gundlach said he was anxious to have the case tried, as he never had used any threatening language to the complainant. The hearing was continued until Monday.

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - June 7, 1890

Charged With Felony Embezzlement

Charles Amburger is under arrest, charged with felony embezzlement. Amburger was taken into custody yesterday on complaint of A. Repsold, a wholesale liquor dealer at 517 California street. Amburger was employed as a collector of Repsold, and it is charged that between the 8th and 28th of April last he embezzled about $600. Amburger then disappeared, and did not return, until a few days ago, when he secured employment in Gundlach's wine vault. He had shaved off his mustache in the hope of avoiding detection.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - August 12, 1891

A Fierce Mountain Fire Sweeping Toward Napa County

SONOMA, Aug. 11 - This afternoon a fire broke out west of town, between Gundlach and Dresel's wine cellars, and for a time it seemed that those fine cellars would be consumed, but the wind changed and the flames leaped up the mountains, which are now burning fiercely. The flames can be plainly seen from town. The fire is burning toward Napa County. Many mountain ranches are in great danger should a high wind commence blowing.

Sacramento Daily Union (Sacramento, California) - May 17, 1894

Heavy Frost in Sonoma County

SONOMA (Cal.), May 16 - The heavy frost of last night affected nearly every vineyard in this valley. J. Gundlach & Co. lost more than one-half, Dresel & Co. about one-third, while the Goff vineyard was entirely wiped out. This is one of the heaviest frosts that has visited this section for a number of years, and the damage is estimated at nearly $15,000.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - September 22, 1894

A Bartender With a Chair and a Woman With a Spittoon

There was a row in the saloon of Philip Gundlach on City Hall avenue last evening, which resulted in the arrest of H. A. O'Brien on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon.

It appears that O'Brien and his wife recently came from the East, and the husband tried to get employment as a bartender. He was employed for half a day by Gundlach and then discharged, for the reason, as Gundlach said, that he was not families with Western ways.

Last night, as he and his wife were passing Gundlach's, the latter entered to ask Gundlach why he would not employ her husband. Some words ensued, and Gundlach says Mrs. O'Brien tried to stab his wife with a large hatpin. He picked up a chair, and Mrs. O'Brien then threw a spittoon at him. In the midst of the melee which followed, O'Brien rushed in with a swordcane in his hand, and the Gundlach forces withdrew. They sent for a policeman, although, and O'Brien's arrest followed. Gundlach says he will have Mrs. O'Brien arrested on a warrant to-day.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - December 5, 1894

Jacob Gundlach's Life Is Closed

A Prominent Wine Merchant Passes

Away at His Home on Rhein

Farm, Near Sonoma.

Jacob Gundlach, the well-known wine merchant, died at his home in Sonoma County at 10 o'clock yesterday morning. He had been ailing for four weeks previously, or rather the natural forces of his body faded away rapidly in the last month of Mr. Gundlach's life and when the end came he passed away calmly. He was surrounded by his family at the hour of his death, his sons and daughters having hastened to Rhein farm to be near him at the last moment.

Mr. Gundlach was 76 years of age. He was born in Achaffenburg, Bavaria, and when fairly well on in years he left his old home to try his fortune in California, which was then attracting attention all over the world. Setting sail from Europe in 1849 in a clipper ship he had a pleasant voyage until off the African coast, when the ship was wrecked in a storm. The disaster happened two days before Christmas and up to the last it was celebrated by an anniversary party in the Gundlach home. It was the only delay on the long voyage from Europe to California, via Cape Horn, but it came to an end and Gundlach arrived in San Francisco in 1850.

Two years later he established the Bavarian Brewery on Vallejo street, which was the first place where beer was manufactured in San Francisco. Mr. Gundlach was therefore the pioneer brewer of California. He soon had a very profitable business and without great effort became quite prosperous and returned to his old home in Germany with the intention of remaining there. Then he married and returned to San Francisco and resumed his brewery work. He had a handsome house on Vallejo street and when Montgomery avenue was cut through the North Beach blocks he moved the residence to the north side of Telegraph Hill on Chestnut street, and the moving is remembered by some pioneers as a bit of wonderful engineering in those early days.

Subsequently he engaged in the wholesale wine business, which he developed into one of the four largest winehouses in this city.

He bought large tracts of land near the old town of Sonoma, planted them in grape vines and called the place Rhein farm. There he built an elegant country residence, where his declining years were spent, during which time he was not actively engaged in business.

Among the prominent German residents of San Francisco who took an active part in every movement tending to the welfare of their own people Mr. Gundlach took a leading part. He was one of the organizers and founders of the German Benevlolent Society, which owns the German Hospital. Until old age came on he was conspicuously identified with the society and he was a member of the Deutscher Verein and the I. O. O. F.

The deceased leaves seven children, Mrs. Charles Bundschu, Mrs. Peritz, Mrs. Dresel, Mrs. Shild, Miss Eva Gundlach and John and Charles Gundlach, who live in San Francisco.

Though arrangements have not been definitely made for the funeral, it will probably take place to-morrow. The remains will be interred in the Odd Fellow's Cemetery.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - December 9, 1894


His Property Divided Among His Seven Children.

The will of the late Jacob Gundlach, who died at his Sonoma County residence on the 4th inst, was filed for probate yesterday. The estate, whose value has not yet been estimated, consists of the half-interest owned by the deceased in the liquor film of J. Gundlach & Co., together with his property in Sonoma County, called Rhine Farm, and some real estate in Alameda. Gundlach's will bears date April 23, 1881, and leaves the whole of the testator's estate to be distributed equally among his seven children - Francisca Bundschu and Carl, Rosa Maria, Fride, Eva, Bertha and Henry Gundlach. The testator's son-in-law, Charles Bundschu, and his son, Carl Gundlach, are named as executors. Special request is made by the testator that his executors shall be guided by the councils of Edward Klebitz and Moses Heller, two of the oldest friends.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - October 9, 1897


J. Gundlach & Co. Will Receive Friends in Sonoma Valley

J. Gundlach and Charles Bundschu of the Gundlach Wine Company, in this city, will entertain a number of friends at their vineyard in Sonoma Valley to-night. It will be a moonlight entertainment in which the literary production of Ben Wheat, the principal of the Sonoma High School, will be presented. It is a little play which tells of a goat-herder who is madly in love with the daughter of a wine vender, and his fate lies in the result of the year's product of grapes. The music of the play was written by Mr. Maxwell, the leader of the Sonoma band.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco) - June 22, 1898


The Popular Principal of the Sonoma High School Joins the Ranks of the Benedicts

The wedding of Benjamin Weed and Miss Eva Carola Gundlach was solemnized last evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bundschu, 245 Chesnut street. The bride is the daughter of the late pioneer viticulturist of "Rhinefarm," Sonoma, and sister of Mrs. Charles Bundschu.

The groom, who is the only son of Dr. G. A. Weed of Berkeley, is a young man of rare literary attainments and a graduate of Berkeley, where he inaugurated the place for exercises now known there as "Ben Weed's Amphitheater," with the representation of the "Vehmegericht," He holds the position of principal of the high school of Sonoma, where his energy and classical propensities brought out a few years ago the production of his "Merchant of Venice" and the Grecian tragedy, "Oedipus Tyrannus," produced by the scholars at their closing exercises in grand style. He is the originator and composer of the "Bacchus Vintage Festivals" so successfully presented in the valleys near Sonoma during the past vintages. Miss Gundlach is a highly accomplished pianist, a pupil of Hartmann, and a young lady of rare social attainments.

Rev. Dr. Hatch of Berkeely performed the ceremony that made the fortunate young couple one. The bride was attended by Miss Mable Weed, Miss Inez Strauck, Miss Louisa Bundschu and Miss Lina Frauenholz. Maury Sims was best man and Henry R. Gundlach, Jesse D. Burke and G. M. Wilder officiated as ushers. The bride wore a pretty gown of white organdie over white silk. The veil was confined to the coiffure by a wreath of orange blossoms.

About eighty people joined the festive board after the ceremony, and many good wishes were expressed in toast and song toward the happiness and prosperity of the bridal couple. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weed will spend their honeymoon in the Santa Cruz mountains and Monterey. Among the many lovely and valuable wedding presents was a beautiful silver tray, bearing the inscription: "Presented to Benjamin Weed in loving acknowledgment by his pupils of the Sonoma Valley Union High School."

San Francisco Call (San Francisco) - June 4, 1899

The Wheels Grind Slowly

Charles Mattheas, a cigar dealer on Market street, was arrested April 19 for battery upon Philip Gundlach, the well known wine merchant on City Hall square. The case was heard next day before Justice of the Peace Barry, who was then sitting as Police Judge, and on Friday he rendered his decision, sentencing Mattheas to pay a fine.

San Francisco Call (San Francisco) - December 31, 1905

Make Two Big Wine Sales

SANTA ROSA, Dec. 30 - Two large sales of new wine have been reported, probably at the highest price of the season. The Fricke cellar in Dry Creek Valley, above Healdsburg, sold 35,000 gallons of choice wine at 19 1/2 cents, and the Hallengren cellar, near by, sold 45,000 gallons for 19 cents, Shilling & Co. secured the first lot and Gundlach & Bundschu the second.

San Francisco City Directories

1850 - no listing for Gundlach
1852 - no listing for Gundlach
1853 - no listing for Gundlach
1854 - Gundlach, Jacob, Bravaria Brewery, 238 Vallejo
1856 - Gundlach, Jacob, brewery, Vallejo n Dupont
1857 - no listing for Gundlach
1858 - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, Vallejo, bet Stockton and Dupont
.."".. - Gundlach, Max, boots and shoes, 76 Montgomery dwl Kearny bet Pine and Bush
1859 - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, Vallejo, bet Stockton and Dupont
.."".. - Gundlach, (Max) & Co. (Joseph Wasserman) boots and shoes, 78 Montgomery
1860 - Gundlach, George, brewer, bds with Jacob Gundlach
.."".. - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, dwl N s Vallejo nr Dupont
.."".. - Gundlach, M. & Co. (Geo. Wassman) boots and shoes, 88 Montgomery, dwl 17 Sutter
1861 - Gundlach, Jacob, proprietor Bavaria Brewery, 620 & 622 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, Max & Co. (George Wassman) boots and shoes 330 Montgomery, dwl Stevenson near Fourth
1862 - Gundlach, J., Bavaria Brewery 620 Vallejo
1863 - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, 620 Vallejo
1864 - Gundlach, Elias, upholsterer with J. A. Shaber
.."".. - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, 622 Vallejo
1865 - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, 620 & 622 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, Max, merchant, dwl 944 Mission
1867 - Gundlach, Jacob, Bavaria Brewery, 620 & 622 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, M & Co., boots & shoes, 122 Kearny, dwl 273 Stevenson
1868 - Gundlach, Jacob & Co., (Philip Frauenholz) Bavaria Brewery, 620-622 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, (Maximilian) & Brother (William G.) boots & shoes, 746 Market
.."".. - Gundlach, William (G. and brother) dwl 746 Market
1869 - Gundlach, Frederick (Block & C.) dwl 530 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, Jacob & Co., (Philip Frauenholz) proprietors Bavaria Brewery, NE cor Stockton and Jackson, and 620 and 622 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, Jacob (Jacob Gundlach & Co.) dwl 620 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, Jacob Gustave, driver Bavaria Brewery, dwl 631 Vallejo
.."".. - Gundlach, (J. H.) & Flannigan, (Michael) liquor saloon, NW cor Twenty-fourth & Folsom
.."".. - Gundlach, (Max) & Bro. (William Gundlach) boots and shoes, 746 Market
.."".. - Gundlach, William, (Gundlach & Bro.) dwl 746 Market

California Voter Registrations

1866 - Gundlach, Jacob - 48, born Bavaria, brewer, 620 Vallejo, 2nd Ward, San Francisco. Naturalized September 1855 in San Francisco US Circuit Court.