Index To Eds 1920

Index to Enumeration Districts for the 1920 US Federal Census

Since the enumeration districts are all over the place and largely out of order in their "organization" among various books, I have made this quick find with links directly to the page where each enumeration district begins. The streets listed are the streets by which the district is bounded, sometimes four or more city blocks. Use a map to determine which district is of interest to you. Look out for supplements at the end of each district. If some homes were missed by the enumerator they may have been added later by the census office and added to the end of the district on separate pages.

District 1: Market, Embarcadero
District 2: Howard, Fremont, San Francisco Bay
District 3: Market, New Mont omery, Howard, Third, Mission, 4th.
District 4: Howard, 2nd., Folsom, 3rd.
District 5: Folsom, 2nd., Bryant, 3rd., Harrison, Ritch
District 6: Bryant, 2nd., San Francisco Bay, 3rd., 4th.
District 7: Bryant, 4th, 3rd., Daggett, 7th.
District 8: Daggett, San Francisco Bay (includes Nurses Home, Crittenton Home and St. Theresa Convent)
District 9: Daggett, 6th., Yuma, Iowa, 18th, Mississippi, 20th., Missouri
District 10: Channel, 7th, Daggett, Missouri, 20th., Carolina
District 11: Mariposa, Carolina, 20th., Petrero Avenue
District 12: Alameda, Carolina, Mariposa, Potrero, Avenue, 20th., Bryant
District 13: Folsom, 9th., Harrison, 8th. Bryant, 7th., Channel, Alameda, Bryant, 11th.
District 14: Market, 9th., Howard, 8th., Harrison, 9th, Folsom, 11th.
District 15: Market, 8th., Howard, 9th (includes American Rescue Workers, Central Emergency Hospital, and Detention Hospital)
District 16: Minna, 6th., Howard, 8th.
District 17: Market, 6th., Stevenson, 7th., Mission, 8th.
District 18: Stevenson, 6th., Mission, 7th.
District 19: Mission, 6th., Minna, 8th.
District 20: Howard, Russ, Folsom, 7th., Harrison, 8th.
District 21: Folsom, 6th., Clara, 5th., Bryant, 8th., Harrison, 7th.
District 22: Howard, 6th, Clementina, 5th., Folsom, Russ
District 23: Market, 4th., Mission, 6th.
District 24: Mission, 4th., Teama, 5th, Minna, 6th
District 25: Howard, 5th., Clementina, 6th.
District 26: Minna, 5th., Howard, 6th.
District 27: Folsom, 4th., Harrison, 5th, Clara., 6th.
District 28: Folsom, Ritch, Harrison, 3rd., Bryant, 5th, Harrison, 4th.
District 29: Tehama, 3rd., Folsom, 5th.
District 30: Mission, 3rd., Howard, 4th.
District 31: Howard, 3rd., Tehama, 4th.
District 32: 15th, Harrison, Alameda, Bryant, 18th, Harrison, 18th, Shotwell
District 33: 15th Shotwell, 17th Capp, 16th, Mission
District 34: 16th, Capp, 17th Shotwell, 18th Mission, 17th, Hoff
District 35: 17th Mission, 18th Guerrero
District 36: 16th Hoff, 17th, Guerrero
District 37: 15th, Guerrero, 18th, Dolores (includes Notre Dame College)
District 38: 15th, Dolores, 18th, Church
District 39: 15th, Valencia, 14th, Mission, 16th, Guerrero
District 40: 14th, Valencia, 15th, Landers
District 41: Duboce, Guerrero, 14th, Landers, 15th, Church
District 42: McCoppin, Otis, Duboce Ave., Market (includes Juvenile Detention Home)
District 43: Duboce Ave., Otis, 13th, Howard, 14th, Guerrero (includes Mary's Help Hospital)
District 44: 14th, Folsom, 13th, Harrison, 15th, Mission
District 45: 11th, Bryant, Alameda, Harrison, 13th, Folsom, 14th, Howard
District 46: 11th, Howard, 13th, Otis, McCoppin, Market
District 47: McAllister, Van Ness Ave., Fulton, Buchanan (includes Chevra Hachnosoth Crechim "The Shelter")
District 48: McAllister, Buchanan, Grove, Fillmore (includes California Home for Girls)
District 49: Fulton, Octavia, Hayes, Buchanan
District 50: Fulton, Van Ness Ave., Grove, Octavia
District 51: Hayes, Buchanan, Linden, Webster, Fell, Buchanan, Hickory, Webster, Page, Fillmore
District 52: Fell, Laguna, Page, Webster, Hickory, Buchanan (includes St. Thomas Hospital)
District 53: Page, Laguna, Waller, Webster, Haight, Fillmore (includes San Francisco Protestant Orphan Asylum)
District 54: Haight, Webster, Waller, Laguna, Market, Duboce, Fillmore
District 55: Hayes, Van Ness Ave., Market, Gough
District 56: Hayes, Gough, Oak, Laguna
District 57: Oak, Gough, Page, Octavia, Haight, Laguna
District 58: Haight, Octavia, Page, Gough, Market, Laguna
District 59: 18th, Harrison, 18th, Bryant, 21st, Treat Ave.
District 60: 18th, Treat Ave., 21st, Shotwell
District 61: 18th, Shotwell, 20th, Capp, 19th, Mission (includes Convent)
District 62: 18th, Mission, 19th, Capp, 21st, San Carlos
District 63: 18th, San Carlos, 19th, Delores
District 64: 19th, Valencia, 20th, Dolores
District 65: 19th, San Carles, 21st, Valencia
District 66: 20th, Valencia, 21st, Dolores
District 67: 21st, Valencia, 22nd, Dolores
District 68: 21st, Capp, 22nd, Mission, 23rd, Valencia
District 69: 20th, Shotwell, 23rd, Howard, 21st, Capp
District 70: 21st, Howard, 23rd, Capp (includes Hebrew Home for Aged Disabled)
District 71: 22nd, Guerrero, 24th, Fair Oaks, 23rd, Ames
District 72: 22nd, Valencia, 24th, Guerrero
District 73: 23rd, Fair Oaks, 24th, Guerrero, Army. Dolores (Convent of the Immaculate Conception)
District 74: 25th, Valencia, Duncan, Guerrero, 27th, Dolores, Army, Guerrero (St. Luke Hospital)
District 75: 27th, Guerrero, Duncan, Valencia, Mission, 29th, Dolores
District 76: 24th, Bartlett, Army, Mission, Valencia, 25th, Guerrero
District 77: 23rd, Mission, Army, Bartlett, 24th, Valencia
District 78: 24th, Howard, Army, Mission
District 79: 21st, Folsom, 24th, Capp, 3rd, Shotwell
District 80: 21st, Bryant, 22nd, Folsom
District 81: 22nd, Brvant, 23rd, Alabama, 24th, Harrison, 23rd, Trest Ave.
District 82: 24th, Folsom, Army., Howard (includes Infant Shelter, Community Day Nursery)
District 83: 22nd, Treat Ave, 23rd, Harrison, 24th, Treat Ave, 26th, Folsom
District 84: 24th, Alabama, Army, Folsom, 26th, Treat Ave.
District 85: 23rd, Bryant, Army, Alabama (includes St. Peter's Convent)
District 86: Mc Allister, Fillmore, Grove, Steiner, Hayes, Scott
District 87: Hayes, Steiner, Grove Fillmore, Oak, Pierce, Fell, Scott
District 88: Fulton, Scott, Fell, Pierce, Oak, Divisadero (including Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum)
District 89: Fulton, Divisadero, Oak, Broderick
District 90: McAllister, Baker, Grove, Lyon, Fulton, Central Ave. Grove, Masonic Ave.
District 91: Fulton, Lyon, Hayes, Central Ave., Oak, Masonic Ave., Grove Central Ave.
District 92: Grove, Broderick, Oak, Contral Ave. Hayes, Lyon (includes Francisco Girl's Welfare Home, Southern Pacific Hospital, Boys and Girls Aid Society)
District 93: Oak, Fillmore, Waller, Stoiner, Page, Pierce
District 94: Haight, Steiner, Waller, Fillmore, Duboce Ave., Pierce extd:, Pierce
District 95: Haight, Pierce, Pierce extd, through Duboce Park, Duboce Ave., Divisadero, Waller, Scott
District 96: Oak, Pierce, Page, Steiner, Haight, Scott, Page, Divisadero
District 97: Oak, Divisadero, Page, Scott, Waller, Broderick, Page, Baker
District 98: Oak, Baker, East, Buena Vista Avenue, Buena Vista Ave, Central Ave. (includes St. Francis Girls Directory Orphan Asylum)
District 99: Page, Broderick, Waller, Divisadero, Duboce, Alpine Terrace, 14th, Buena Vista Terrace, 15th St, Park Hill (Buena Vista Sanatorium and St. Joseph's Home and Hospital)
District 100: Duboce Ave., Castro, States, Masonic Ave. Park Hill Ave. 15th Buena Vista Terrace, 14th Alpine Terrace
District 101: Duboce Ave., Church, 15th, Sanchez
District 102: Dubece Ave., Sanchez, 15th, Noe, 14th, Walter
District 103: Duboce Ave., Walter, 14th, Noe, 15th, Castro (includes German Hospital, Franklin Hospital)
District 104: 15th, Church, 17th, Sanchez
District 105: 15th, Sanchez, 17th, Noe
District 106: 15th, Noe, 17th, Castro
District 107: 17th, Church, 18th, Noe
District 108: 18th, Church, Cumberland, Noe (including McKinley Orphanage and Youth's Directory)
District 109: 18th, Dolores, 22nd, Sanchez, 21st, Church
District 110: Cumberland, Church, 21st, Castro, 20th, Noe
District 111: 20th, Castro, 21st. Sanchez, 22nd, Collingwood
District 112: 17th, Noe, 19th, Castro
District 113: States, Castro, 18th, Douglass
District 114: 17th, Douglass, Caselli Ave., Danvers, Corbett, Mars
District 115: 18th, Castro, 19th, Douglass
District 116: 19th, Noe, 20th, Douglass
District 117: 20th, Collingwood, 22nd, Grand View Ave., Dixie Alley, Burnett Ave., Copper Alley, Falcon Ave., Romain, Douglass
District 118: 17th, Mars, Corbett, Danvers Caselli Ave., Douglass, Romain, Falcon Ave. Copper Alley, Burnett Ave., Clarendon Ave., Clayton
District 119: Buena Vista Ave. Upper Terrace Masonio Ave. States, Douglass, 17th, Clayton, Ashbury, Piedmont Masonic Ave. Java
District 120: Army, San Brune Avenue, Oakdale, Holladay, Esmeralda Avenue, Alabama, Mullen, Peralta Ave., Hampshire
District 121: Army, Bryant, Army, Hampshire, Peralta Ave., Mullen, Alabama, Esmeralda Avenue, Folsom, Ripley, Harrison, Precita Folsom
District 122: Army, Folsom, Esmeralda Avenue, Winfield, Coso Avenue, Mission
District 123: Coso Avenue, Winfield, Virginia Avenue, Mission
District 124: 29th, Mission, Randall, Dolores
District 125: Virginia Avenue, Prospect, Eugenia Ave., Bonview, Cortland Avenue, Elsie, Santa Marina, Mission
District 126: Esmeralda Ave., Anderson, Eugenia Ave., Ellsworth, Cortland Ave., Bonview, Eugenia Ave., Prospect, Virginia Ave., Winfield
District 127: Esmeralda Ave., Holladay, Oakdale, San Bruno Ave., Cortland Ave., Ellsworth, Eugenia Ave., Anderson
District 128: Randall, Mission, Santa Marina, Elsie Cortland Avenue, Andover, Park, Halley Park Circle Highland Ave., Sou Pac R. R. Right of Way
District 129: Cortland Avenue, San Bruno Ave., Crescent Ave., Prentiss, Ocean Shore R. R., Ellsworth
District 130: Highland Ave., Holly Park Circle, Murray, Cresoent Ave., College Ave., St. Mary's Ave., Sou Pao R. R. Right of Way
District 131: Rousseaw, Spring Dale, Mission, Francis, Alemany Ave., Cotter, S. P. R. R. Right of Way
District 132: Canal, Precinct line, Ocean Shore R. R. Prentiss, Crescent Avenue, San Bruno Avenue, Sillman, Cambridge, Silver Avenue, Mission
District 133: Crescent Ave., Munray, Holly Park Circle, Park, Andover, Ocean Shore R. R., Precinct line, Canal, Mission
District 134: Cotter, Alemany Ave., Francis, Mission, Farragut Avenue, San Jose Avenue
District 135: Silver Avenue, Cambridge, Wayland Ave., La Grande Ave., Brazil Ave., Madrid, Avalon Avenue, Lisbon
District 136: Silver Avenue, Lisbon, Avalon Ave., Madrid, Brazil Ave., Lisben, Russian Avenue., Mission (includes Jewish Old Pecple's Home, Pacific Hebrew Home for Aged)
District 137: Gilliman, San Bruno Avenue, Dwight, Cambridge (includes Liel Old Ladie's Home)
District 138: Brazil Ave., La Grande Ave., Wayland Ave., Cambridge, Dwight, Dwight extended, La Grande Ave., Russia Avenue., Lisbon
District 139: Russia Avenue, Edinburg, Geneva and Precinct line. Rolph, Winding Way, Rolf, Mission
District 140: Rolph, Winding Way. Rolf, Preoinct line, County Line, Mission
District 141: Dwight extended, Dwight, San Bruno Avenue, County Line, Precinot lines, Amason Ave., La Grande Avenue
District 142: San Francisco Bay, Van Ness Ave., Greenwich, Laguna (includes Fort Mason Military Reservation)
District 143: San Francisco Bay, Laguna, Greenwich, Scott
District 144: San Francisco Bay, Scott, Greenwich, Baker, Filbert Broderick, Green, Lyon
District 145: Greenwich, Fillmore, Union, Broderick, Filbert, Baker
District 146: Greenwich, Octavia, Filbert, Buchanan, Union, Fillmore
District 147: Greenwich, Van Ness Ave., Vallejo, Gough, Union, Octavia
District 148: Filbert, Octavia, Union, Gough, Vallejo, Laguna, Union, Buchanan
District 149: Union, Laguna, Vallejo, Buchanan, Green, Fillmore, Vallejo. Scott
District 150: Union, Scott, Vallejo, Fillmore, Green, Buchanan, Breadway, Steiner, Pacific Ave., Divisadere, Jackson, Baker, Villejo, Lyon, Green, Broderick
District 151: Broadway, Buchanan, Vallejo, Octavia, Paeific Ave., Laguna, Washington, Webster, Jackson, Steiner
District 152: Vallejo, Van Ness Ave., Washington, Laguna, Pacific Ave., Octavia (includes St. Brigeds Academy)
District 153: Washington, Van Ness Ave., Pine, Laguna, Sacramento Buchanan
District 154: Jackson, Webster, Washington, Buchanan, Sacramento, Laguna, Pine, Fillmore, Californis (includes Francisco Lane Hospital and Stamford Hospital)
District 155: Jackson, Fillmere, Sacramento, Webster, California, Pillmere, Pine, Pierce, California, Steiner
District 156: Pacific Ave., Steiner, California, Pierce, Pine, Divisadero, Saeramento, Scott
District 157: Jackson, Divisadero, Pacific Ave., Scott, Clay, Baker
District 158: Clay, Scott, Sacramento, Divisadero, California, Baker, Pine, Presidie Ave., California, Lyon Sacramento, Baker
District 159: Presidio Reservation, Vallejo, Baker, Saoramento, Lyon, Clay, Presidio Ave. Washington, Walnut, Jackson, Laurel
District 160: Presidio Reservation. Laurel, California, Maple
District 161: Jackson, Walnut, Washington, Presidio Ave., Clay, Lyon, California, Laurel
District 162: 20th, Hampshire, 22nd, Bryant
District 163: 20th, Potrero Avenue, 23rd., York, 24th, Bryant Avenue, 22nd., Hampshire
District 164: 24th, York, 23rd, Potrero Avenue, 25th, York, Precita Avenue, Bryant Avenue
District 165: 20th, Carolina, 23rd, Potrero Avenue (includes Mission Emergency Hospital, St. Catherine's Home and Training School and Tuberoulosis Hospital and City and County Hospital)
District 166: 23rd, Kansas, 25th, Carolina, Army, York, 25th, Potrero Avenue
District 167: 20th, Iowa, Islais Creek, Connectiout, 23rd, Carolina
District 168: 20th, Bay, 24th, Bay, Islais Creek, Iowa
District 169: Islais Creek, Bay, Kirkwood Avenue, Selby, Galvez
District 170: Kirkwood Avenue, Bay, McKinnon Avenue, Railroad Ave., Palou Ave., Selby
District 171: Army, Connectiout, Islais Creek Galvez, Selby, Pilch Ave., Railroad (includes Isolation Hospital, Best House, Mt. St. Joseph Infant Orphan Asylum, Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum)
District 172: McKinnan Avenue, Bay, Armstrong Ave., Alvond, Van Byke Ave., Railroad Avenue
District 173: Thornton Ave., A'Pello, Williams Ave., Van Byke Ave., Alvord, Armstrong Ave., Bay, County Line, San Bruno Avenue

District 212: Pine, Van Ness Avenue, Sutter, Gough
District 213: Pine, Gough, Sutter, Laguna
District 214: Sutter, Laguna, O'Farrell, Buchanon, Geary, Webster
District 215: Sutter, Webster, Geary, Buchanon, O'Farrell, Fillmore
District 216: Pine, Webster, Sutter, Fillmore, Bush, Scott (includes Old People's Home of San Francisco)
District 217:
District 218: Post, Fillmore, O'Farrell, Scott
District 219:
District 220: Pine, Divisadero, Sutter, Baker
District 221:
District 222:
District 223: California, Presidio Avenue, Geary, Wood, St. Rose's Ave., Parker Avenue (includes San Francisco Home for Inourables)
District 224: St. Rose's, Food, Geary, St. Joseph's, Turk, Lyon, McAllister, Masonic, Fulton (includes Protestant Episcopal Old Ladies Home, and Catholic Convent of the Presentation)
District 225: Sutter, Van Ness Avenue, Post, Octavia, Geary, Laguna
District 226: Geary, Franklin, Post, Van Ness Avenue, O'Farrell, Laguna (includes San Francisco Ladies Protection and Relief Seciety Home, and St. Francis Technical School)
District 227: O'Farrell, Van Ness Avenue, Ellis, Octavia
District 228: Ellis, Van Ness Avenue, Turk, Gough (includes Faculty House of Sacred Heart College)
District 229: Turk, Van Ness Avenue, McAllister, Gough (includes Florence Crittenton Home)
District 230: Golden Gate Avenue, Gough, McAllister, Webster
District 231: Eddy, Gough, Golden Gate Avenue, Webster
District 232: Ellis, Gough, Eddy, Webster (includes Young Peoples Boarding Home)
District 233: O'Farrell, Octavia, Ellis, Fillmore
District 234: Ellis, Steiner, O'Farrell, Fillmore, Ellis, Webster, Eddy, Scott
District 235: O'Farrell, Steiner, Ellis, Divisadero
District 236: Eddy, Webster, McAllister, Steiner
District 237: Eddy, Steiner, McAllister, Scott
District 238: Ellis, Scott, McAllister, Divisadero
District 239:
District 240: Turk, Baker, Golden Gate, Divisadero, McAllister, Lyon

District 267: Clement, 39th Ave., Fulton, Great Highway, 48th Ave and Farallone Islands in the Pacific
District 268: Ocean, 33rd Ave., extended, 33rd Ave., Geary, 35th Ave., Anza., 39th Ave., Clement, 15th Ave. (excluding Mt. Miley)
District 269: Ocean, 27th Ave., Clement, 28th Ave., Geary, 33rd Ave. extended to Ocean
District 270: Anza, 35th Ave., Geary, 28th Ave., Fulton, 39th Ave. (includes Green Home)
District 271: Ocean, Presidio, 22nd Ave., Laek, 24th Ave., California, 27th Ave
District 272: Presidio, 18th Ave., California, 24th Ave., Lake, 22nd Ave.
District 273: Presidio, 14th Ave., Colifornia, 18th Ave. (includes San Francisco Nursery for Heceles Children)
District 274: Presidio, 9th Ave., California, 14th Ave. (includes Maude D. Booth Home)
District 275: Presidio, 6th Ave., California, 9th Ave. (includes ??ria Kipp Orphanage and Alfred Nuttall Nelson Memorial Home)
District 276: Presidio, Maple Ave., Clay, Arguello Blvd., Lake, 6th Ave. (includes Home for the Aged, Little Sisters of the Poor)
District 277: Lake, 2nd Ave, Cornwall, 6th Ave.
District 278: Clay, Maple Ave, California, 2nd Ave., Lake, Arguello Blvd (includes Hospital for Children and Training School for Nurses)
District 279: California, Parker Ave., Turk, Willard, Edward, Arguello Blvd., Geary, Jerdan Ave., Euclid Ave., Palm Ave.
District 280: California, Palm Ave., Euclid Ave., Jerdan, Geary, 2nd Ave.
District 281: Cornwall, 2nd Ave., Geary, 4th Ave.
District 282: Cornwall, 4th Ave., Geary, 6th Ave.
District 283: California, 6th. Ave., Clement, 10th Ave. (excluding Convent of the Holy Name)
District 284: Edward, Willard, Turk, Parker Ave., Fulton, Stanyan, Mc Allister, Arguello Blvd.
District 285: Balboa, Arguello Blvd., McAllister, Stanyon, Fulton, 2nd Ave.
District 286: Geary, Arguello Blvd., Balboa, 3rd Ave.
District 287: Geary, 3rd Ave., Balboa, 2nd Ave., Fulton, 4th Ave.
District 288: Geary, 4th Ave, Fulton, 6th Ave., Cabrillo, 5th Ave., Anza, 6th Ave. (includes French Hospital)
District 289: Clement, 6th Ave, Anza, 9th Ave. (includes Convent)
District 290: Anza, 5th Ave, Cabrille, 7th Ave.
District 291: Anza, 7th Ave., Gabrille, 6th Ave. Fulton, 9th Ave., Cabrille, 8th Ave.
District 292: Balboa, 11th Ave., Cabrille, 9th Ave., Fulton, 14th Ave.
District 293: Anza, 8th Ave., Cabrille, 11th Ave., Balboa, 14th Ave.
District 294: Clement, 9th Ave., Anza, 14th Ave.
District 295: Anza, 14th Ave., Fulton, 18th Ave.
District 296: Clement, 14th Ave., Anza, 18th Ave., Geary, 17th Ave.
District 297: California, 10th Ave., Clement, 13th Ave.
District 298: Anza, 18th Ave., Fulton, 28th Ave.
District 299: Calffornia, 18th Ave., Clement, 17th Ave., Geary, 21st Ave., Clement, 23rd Ave.
District 300: Clement, 21st Ave., Geary, 18th Ave., Anza., 25th Ave.
District 301: California, 23rd Ave., Clement, 25th Ave., Anza, 28th Ave., Clement, 27th Ave.
District 302: 22nd, Dolores, Jersey, Church
District 303: 22nd, Church, 24th, Sanchez
District 304: 22nd, Sanchez, 23rd, Diamond
District 305: 22nd, Diamond, Elizabeth, Hoffman Ave.
District 306: 24th, Church, 25th, Castro
District 307: 23rd. Sanchez, 24th, Castro
District 308: 23rd. Castro., 25th, Diamond
District 309: Elizabeth, Diamond, 28th, Douglas, 24th, Hoffman Ave.
District 310: 25th, Noe, 28th, Diamond
District 311: 25th, Sanchez, 28th, Noe
District 312: Jersey, Dolores, 26th, Sanchez, 25th, Church
District 313: 26th, Dolores, Duncan, Sanchez
District 314: Duncan, Dolores, 29th, Church
District 315: 29th, Dolores, 30th, Sanchez
District 316: 30th, Dolores, S. P. R. R., Charles, Chenery, Randall, Harper
District 317: 28th, Sanchez, Duncan, Church, 29th, Castro (includes St. Pauls Cowcah)
District 318: 29th, Sanchez, 30th, Harper, Randall, Chenery., Miguel, Beacon, Harry, Noe
District 319: Diamond, Moffitt, Farnun, Moreland Castro, El Monte, Beacon, Miguel, Chenery, Charles, S. P. R. R., Natick, Chenery, Diamond
District 320: Dixie, Alley, Grand View Ave., Hoffman Ave., 34th, Donglas, 30th, 30th extended, Portola Drive, Corbett Ave., Burnett Ave.
District 321: 25th, Castro, 29th, Noe, Harry, Beacon, El Monte, Castro, Moreland, Farnum, Moffit, Diamond, Moreland, Adelin, Diamond, 30th Douglas
District 322: 30th, Diamond, Adelin; Moreland, Diamond Chenery, Natick, S. P. R. R., Joose Ave., Baden, Mangels Ave., Congo, Surrey, Kenyon Ave.
District 323: Surrey, Congo, Mangels Ave., Baden, Joose Ave., A. P. R. R. San Jose Ave., Ocean Ave., Precinct line, Phelan (including County Jail)
District 324: Sloat Blvd., Portola Drive, Precinct line, 30th. Kenyon Ave., Surrey, Foerster (excluding U. S. Military Reservation, but including Fort Funston)
District 325: Monterey Blvd., Hamburg, Flood Ave., Phelan Ave., Precinct line, Ocean Ave., Harold Ave., Grafton Ave., Ashton Ave., Precinct line
District 326: Ocean Ave., San Jose Ave., Plymouth Ave., Broad, Canitol Ave., Minerva. Summit, Margaret, Lakeview Ave., Lee Ave., Grafton Ave., Harold Ave.
District 327: Grafton Ave., Lee Ave., Lakeview Ave., Margaret Ave., Summit, Minerva., Orizaba Ave.
District 328: part of Worcester St, Randolf, Orizaba Ave., Minerva, Capitol Ave., Broad, Plymouth Ave., San Jose Ave., County line, Pacific Ocean
District 329: Fulton, Masonic Avenue, Hayes, Stanyan (includes St. Mary's Hospital and School for Nurses)
District 330: Hayes, Masonic Avenue, Oak, Stanyan
District 331: Oak, Cole, Page, Stanyan
District 332: Page, Masonic, Haight, Shrader
District 333: Haight, Central Avenue, Waller, Clayton
District 334: Page, Shrader, Haight, Cole, Waller, Stanyan
District 335: Waller, Belvedere, Frederick, Stanyan
District 336: Waller, Central Ave. Buena Vista Ave., Frederick, Downey (includes)
District 337: Frederick, Clayton, Parnassus Ave., Cole, Grattan, Stanyan
District 338: Parnassus Ave., Clayton, 17th, Cole
District 339: 17th, Clarendon Ave., Burnett Ave., Palc Alto Ave., Precinct line, Stanyan
District 340: Fulton, Stanyan, Rivoli, Cole, 17th, Stanyan, Precinct line. Willard
District 341: Fulton, Willard, Precinot line, Arguello Blvd., Kirkham extended. 4th Ave (includes University Hospital)
District 342: Fulton, 4th Ave., Irving, 9th Ave.
District 343: Irving, 4th Ave., Parnassus Ave. Judah, 10th Ave.
District 344: Judah, Parnassus Ave., 4th Ave., Kirkham, 12th Ave.
District 345: Kirkham, Locksley Ave., Precinct line, ?? 12th Ave.
District 346: Fulton, 9th Ave., Irving, 15th Ave.
District 347: Irving, 10th Ave., Judah, 12th Ave., Rivera, 19th Ave.
District 348: Fulton, 15th Ave., Irving, 24th Ave.
District 349: Fulton, 40th Ave., Kirkham 47th Ave. Judah, Great Highway
District 350: Judah, 47th Ave., Kirkham, 40th Ave., Rivera, 27th Ave., Sloat Blvd., Great Highway
District 351: Kirkham, Kirkham extended, Arguello Blvd., Precinct line., Precinct line, Precinct line, Alms House Road. Locksley Ave
District 352: Rivera, 12th Ave., Precinct line, Sloat Blvd., 27th Ave.
District 353: Alms House Road, Precinct line, Palo Alte Ave, Burnett Ave., Corbett Ave., Portola Drive. Precinct line
District 354: Irving, 19th Ave., Rivera, 40th Ave.
District 355: ??, ??sta Ave., Java, Masonic Ave., ??, Ashbury, ??
District 356: Grove, Buchanan, Hayes, Baguna, Fell, Webster, Linden, Buchanan, Hayes, Fillmore St. (includes Convent of the Holy Family)
District 357: Mc Allister, Scott, Fulton, Broderick, Grove, Baker
District 358: Courtland, Ellsworth, Ocean Shore R. R., Andover St.
District 359: St. Mary's Ave, College Ave., Mission St., Spring Dale, Rousseau and Southern Pacific R. R. Right of Way
District 360: Scott, Bush, Pierce, Post, Divisadero (includes Mt. Zion Hospital)
District 361: Pine, Laguna, Sutter, Webster

District 363: Oak, Central, Haight, Masonic, Page, Ashbury

District 367: U. S. Marine Hospital

District 369: Presidio Reservation, Letterman Hospital (excluding Ft. Winfield Scott and U. S. Marine Hospital)
District 370: Ft. Winfield Scott. Ft. Miley

District 374: 23rd St, Connectiout St, Army, Carolina, 25th, Kansas
District 375: 22nd, Ames, 23rd, Dolores

District 377: Fulton, 32 extended, 32, Irving, 40-40 extended
District 378: Fulton, 24th extended, 24th, Irving, 32nd, 32nd extended

District 381: Precita, Harrison, Ripley, Folsom

District 384: Grove, Van Ness, Hayes, Octavia

District 387: Russia, Mosco, France, Elinburgh
District 388: Haight, Clayton, Waller, Cole
District 389: Oak, Ashbury, Page, Cole

District 390: Farragut Ave., Mission, County Line, San Jose Ave.
District 391: France, Moscow, Russia, La Grande, Amazon, Precinct Line, Geneva Ave., Edinburgh
District 392: California, Divisadero, Pine, Baker
District 393: 22nd, Capp, 24th, Mission
District 394: Waller, Downey, Frederick, Belvedere
District 395: Grattan, Cole, Rivoli, Stanyan
District 396: Post, Franklin, Geary, Octavia
District 397: Howard, Embercadero, San Francisco Bay, Fremont, Louisiana, 18th, Massachusetts, 20th., MS, 18th., Iowa, Yuma, 6th.
District 398: Ships in Harbor Water Front
District 399: Ships in Harbor Water Front

Supplement: Pier 44