Henry Geilfuss

Henry Geilfuss was a German architect who studied in his native country before moving to San Francisco in 1876. He designed several buildings in the city which still stand today. A growing list of his work is below:

1. 2016 Vallejo St built for Carl Leichter in 1889. Today the house has been subdivided into four apartments and almost all the ornamentation has been removed.

2. 1198 Fulton St built for William Westerfeld in 1889.

3. 294 Page St (at Laguna) for Charles Dietle in 1885. In 1906, after the Earthquake and Fire, Mr Dietle sold it to John DeMartini for a bag of gold that Mr DeMartini had salvaged from his destroyed business. Today the building houses private law offices.

4. 79 Scott St, 1888. Overlooking the west end of Duboce Park.

5. 959 S. Van Ness Ave for John Coop in 1889. John Coop owned a south-of-market planning mill.

6. 822 S. Van Ness Ave for Claus Mangel in 1883. The third story was an early addition.

7. St. Mark's Luthern Church, 1111 O'Farrell Street.

8. 55 Union St, Cudahy Meat Packing Plant. The first phase in 1907 by Henry Geilfuss and Sons, first two floors. Second phase in 1918 by Ward and Blohme

9. 1050 Battery Street, Meat Packing Plant for Armour in 1907.