Frederich Hess

Frederick Hess


Newspaper Articles

Reno Evening Gazette (Reno, Nevada) - July 23, 1886

Pacific Coast Press Association Come to Nevada

The Pacific Coast Press Association who have been rusticating in and about Lake Tahoe and who will pass through Reno in a few days, appear to be rejuvinating. Their ten day's recreation on the wing will enable them to wrestle manfully with California's various interests when they return to the Golden State. The party consists of President Wm H. Barnes and wife, Secretery L. P. McCarthy and wife, Robert White and wife, J. W. Rourke, wife and daughter, Wm. T. Gallway, J. A. Filcher, J. P. Bogardus, O. A. Dearing and wife, Jos. Winterburn, wife and daughter, Carl Leichter and wife, Fred Hess and wife, C. Newman and daughter, M. Shannon, wife and daughter, T. K. Philips, W. H. H. Tobey and wife, Walter N. Brunt, John G. Els, E. J. Wickson and wife, G. G. Burnett and wife, T. J. Duffy, C. Buntschu and wife, Thomas Houseworth, W. R. Radcliffe, J. S. Menasco and wife, C. W. Waldron, Watson W. Toppin, Miss Alice Dyer, Jos. N. H. Irwin, Dr. M. H. Logan, Miss Genevieve Green. A. M. Benham and wife. They represent the following papers: Weekly Call, Mountain Messenger, Daily Journal of Commerce, Placer Herald, Daily Figaro, Pacific Printer, California Stass Zeituna, Daily California Democrat, Commercial Herald, Fraternal Record, Pacific Churchman, Golden West, Millman and Mechanic, Pacific Rural Press, Architect and Builder, New Age, New York Music Trade, Circular, Weekly German Democrat, The Pajaronian, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Weekly Journal of Commerce, Daily Call, The West End, Colusa Sun, Postal Index, Annual Statistician

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, CA) - January 31, 1892

The Hess Silver Wedding

One of the most interesting events of the past week was the celebration on Friday last of the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hess at their residence, 821 California street.

Mr. Hess, who is one of the proprietors of the German Demokrat, was married on the 29th of January, 1867, to Miss Ella Schuetze. He is identified with the city's growth, having come here in 1853, and both he and his wife are widely esteemed. They are the parents of five children.

During the day the house was beseiged by bearers of letters of congratulations and presents coming at all sides. In the evening a number of intimate friends assembled to offer personal congratulations. The parlors were beautifully decorated and an elaborate supper was served by Abrams. A very merry evening was spent.

During the service of supper eloquent speeches were made by Messrs. C. Prieber, Dr. D. Cohn, Charles Bundschu, Charles Leichter, Julius Fay, Dr. Winterberg, Rudolph Jordan, F. T. Duhring, M. Greenblatt, W. T. Hess and others.

While Mr. Hess enjoyed the good things at his own house his co-workers were not forgotten. Schlaraffia Hall was engaged and a sumptuous repast was enjoyed by the staff of the Demokrat, when the health of the happy pair was duly toasted.

Among those present at the Hess residence were: Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Hess, Mr. and Mrs. I. Hecht, Mr. and Mrs. L. Gottig, Dr. and Mrs. D. Cohn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bundschn, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Muser, Dr. and Mrs. Winterberg, Mr. and Mrs. M. Greenblatt, Mr. and Mrs. Max Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Dahring, Mr. and Mrs. C. Schilling, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Fay, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. C. Leichter, Mrs. F. T. Duhring, Mrs. T. Helmken, Mrs. W. T. Schuetze, Mrs. Henry Schussler, Miss Eva Gundlach, Miss Meta Schilling, Miss M. Schuetze, Mr. Bendixon, Mr. Ankele, Mr. E. Stauf, Mr. Theodore Kirchoff, Mr. Fred Hess Jr., Mr. W. T. Hess, Miss Agnes Duhring, Miss Ella Leichter, Masters Otto Hess, Edgar Leichter, Miss Olga Leichters, Miss Ella Hess and others.