Captain Thomas Huntington

Captain Thomas Huntington (?-Oct 6, 1889)


City Directories

1887 - Huntington, Thomas, master mariner, r1935 Broadway
1888 - Huntington, Thomas, master stmr Mexico, r2020 Vallejo
1889 - Huntington, Thomas, master stmr Mexico, r2020 Vallejo
1890 - (not listed, he passed at home in Oct 1889)
1890 - Huntington, T. Mrs, widow, r2020 Vallejo
1891 - Huntington, Thomas Mrs, widow, r2020 Vallejo
1892 - (not listed after this date)

Newspaper Articles

Daily Alta California (San Francisco, California) - April 3, 1887

The Steamer Ashore on Vancouver Island - No Lives Lost

SEATTLE, W. T., April 2d - The steamship Mexico is reported to be a total wreck. She was returning from Nanaimo on Thursday night, when she ran on a rock at 12 o'clock on Belt Chain Reef, thirty-five miles south of Nanaimo, in Plumper's Pass. At low tide her bow only is to be seen. Captain Huntington thinks she can be raised. He and some of the officers remain at the scene of the wreck. No lives were lost. The crew were taken to Victoria, and twenty-three coal trimmers arrived in this city to-night. At the time of the accident the vessel was in command of Captain Dan Morrison, an experienced British Columbia pilot.

The Mexico was built in 1881 at San Francisco for the Mexican trade, and has been running for several years now in the Pacific Coast Steamship Company's employ. They paid $200 a day for her. She is valued at $300,000, and is well insured. A good list of passengers were waiting to go to California on her.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Oct 6, 1889

Another Captain Gone

Captain Thomas Huntington, who for years has been in the employ of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, died at his residence, 2020 Vallejo street, after a brief illness occasioned by the bursting of a blood vessel. The deceased had been of late years in command of the steamer Mexico, and was known as one of the most careful and successful of the steamship captains on this coast. Flags were generally at half-mast on the shipping yesterday, out of respect to his memory.

The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) - Aug 24, 1902

Sales are reported by Davidson & Leigh as follows:

for Mrs. Huntington, lot 40x137:6 with house of 7 rooms, on the north side of Vallejo street, 137:6 east of Buchanan, for $6750 and resold the same property for the buyer to Juliet J. Mezes for $7250